09/17/2016 12:26 EDT | Updated 09/18/2016 07:59 EDT

Canadian Homes You Can Buy With A Median Income

Buying a home with a median income isn't an impossible task.

Buying a home with a median income can seem like an expensive task.

Statistics Canada's most recent estimate of a median household income is $78,870. With that kind of money, you could spend 25 years setting aside 30 per cent of your earnings to pay for a home just under $600,000.

Or, you could take the money you earn and pay off a house in a single year. But you'd be making a whole different kind of sacrifice.

Real estate portal Point2Homes compiled a list of homes where that's possible. But like any seemingly good deal, there's a catch involved.

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Only one of these homes is situated in a major city. And it's not Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal.

Many of them need serious work. And those that don't are located as far as 350 kilometres away from a major city centre, so you may find yourself driving a long way for supplies.

City living certainly isn't for everyone. And for them, there's plenty of opportunity. Like a historic building in small-town Alberta; a 1.18-acre lot in P.E.I.; or a B.C. apartment that could double as a fishing getaway.

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