09/18/2016 13:00 EDT | Updated 09/19/2017 01:12 EDT

Attempted teen abduction in Abbotsford B.C., police say

Abbotsford Police are warning that a man with a teardrop tattoo tried to force a 16-year-old into his van, first trying to lure her with liquor and a ride to work.

The teen was waiting at a bus stop on Old Yale Road near Mitchell Street, not far from Fishtrap Creek Park, when she noticed a van circling several times on Saturday night around 5:15 p.m. PT., police said.

"It's a really concerning incident," said Cst. Ian MacDonald.

"The female was quite shaken up." he said.

The suspect parked the van and walked over to the teen, then tried to convince her to take a ride with him, said MacDonald.

"He attempted to try to entice her with offers of liquor and a ride to work. When the girl refused, the suspect grabbed her by the arm and attempted to pull her in the direction of his parked vehicle," said a press release from Abbotsford Police.

The young woman resisted and a man passing got involved, yelling at the suspect who then fled.

The man who helped then sat with the teen until her bus arrived, she told police.

Unusual tattoo a clue

Investigators hope the man's tattoo — a teardrop under one eye — will help locate the suspect.

"I know that in pop culture it can come to denote that the individual has committed a murder. But I think the folklorish meaning of what it meant from a couple of decades ago has been watered down somewhat by the proliferation of people with tattoos now," said MacDonald.

Police are searching for both the suspect and the stranger who helped the teenager out by staying with her until she got on her bus safety and went to work.

There she phoned family who were horrified and urged her to contact police.

Police looking for this man

The van driver is described as a white male in his 20's with medium-length brown hair and a moustache.

He was about 5'5" tall, medium build with a teardrop tattoo under his eye.

He wore a black baseball cap, black shirt, baggy pants and work boots.

He drove a dark red or burgundy van similar to a Ford Winstar or Dodge Caravan from about about the year 2000.