09/19/2016 07:32 EDT | Updated 09/19/2016 08:23 EDT

Rage Yoga In Calgary Turns Everything You Know About Meditation Upside-Down

Did we mention there's beer involved?

Lindsay Istace is giving the middle finger to everything you think you know about yoga, meditation and the pursuit of zen.

And she wants anyone else looking to flip the bird to join her through rage yoga.

"I love swearing, I love drinking, why don’t I start my own yoga thing called 'rage yoga'?" Istace said.

The 24-year-old founder of the practice eschews the peaceful music and bright yoga studios for a bar in downtown Calgary, chock full of heavy metal music and swearing.

Not the typical image of mindfulness most would expect — including "Like A Tourist" host Dan Rodo and Calgarian Yeny Lara.

The two were on the pursuit of hidden gems across the city and decided to meet up with Istace at Dickens Pub.

To see the art in practice, check out the video above. And for more of cool things to do in Calgary, head here.

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