09/22/2016 04:13 EDT

Netflix Knows Exactly When You Get Addicted To Their Shows

Shows like "Stranger Things."

Any binge-watcher knows that when you're watching a show you love, there's always one episode that sucks you in.

Netflix recently released data to pinpoint exactly when TV-watchers around the world get hooked on their favourite shows. Looking at both the global scale and the Canadian one (scroll down to that list below), it's fair to say people get addicted to shows pretty quickly, sometimes even after episode two.

According to the infographic above, shows like "Stranger Things," "The Fall," and "Grey's Anatomy" all hooked global audiences by episode two. Canadians also loved "Grey's" and "The Fall", getting hooked on episode two, but "The Last Kingdom" and "Love" were just as popular.

The data looked at member activity between January 2015 to August 2016 and at countries around the world like Brazil, Finland, India and South Africa.

Getting "hooked" to an episode, Netflix explains, is when 70 per cent of viewers who watched that hooked episode actually watched the whole season.

And while the data looked at episodes specifically, it didn't look at plot points, for example.

And since every month on Netflix always has new offerings, we wonder what the next "Stranger Things" will be.

But what about Canada? Below we take a look at when Canadians, on average, got hooked on some of Netflix's most popular shows. Let us know, which show is your favourite?