09/22/2016 03:53 EDT

Halloween 2016: 15 'Sexy' Costumes That Make Us Question Everything

Prepare yourself ... Halloween is coming.

And you know what that means? Totally whack "sexy" costumes.

And no one does totally whack "sexy" costumes better than!

Yandy, an online lingerie brand, does Hallow's Eve like no other. They love the scary holiday so much that they even had a Halloween-themed show at New York Fashion Week earlier this month (yes, you read that right ... New York Fashion Week).


Oh, so you don't think Yandy is high fashion? Tell Willow Smith that. The It girl wore a Clueless-inspired costume from the website for her CR Fashion Book photo shoot.

But we digress.

To get you in the Halloween spirit, we've scrolled the website and picked out 15 "sexy" costumes that are completely baffling.

Check them out below!

1. Sexy Beaver

sexy beaver

2. Sexy Twizzlers


3. Sexy Piggie


4. Adult Hamburger


5. Donna T. Rumpshaker

donald trump costume

6. Sparkling Goldfish

gold fish

Sexy Pizza

sexy pizza costume

8. Christmas Grouch

sexy grouch

9. Smiling Yellow Face With Tie


10. Mousy Maiden


11. Hot and Spicy Salsa

sexy salsa

12. Striped Clown

sexy ronald mcdonald

13. Sexy Sriracha

sexy sriracha

14. Fine Wine

fine wine

15. Catch Me Honey

sexy pikachu

For more WEIRD Halloween costumes, check out the slideshow below:

Stupid 'Sexy' Halloween Costumes

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