09/22/2016 04:16 EDT

Super Lice Have Taken Over The U.S.

Uh oh.

Super lice have now made their way into 48 U.S. states. This is a significant jump from last year, when the bugs were only found in 25 states, according to research from American Chemical Society.

Super lice are concerning as they have become resistant to chemicals found in lice shampoos and other over-the-counter products created to get rid of them.

Watch the video above to hear more details on this strain of lice.

Lice have become an increasing problem among Canadian kids as well. According to Lice Squad founder Dawn Mucci, her lice removal service just had its busiest summer yet and is expected to pick up even more now that kids are back at school.

“Lice will crawl from one head to the other. And we see it a lot in teenagers because they are putting their heads together for selfies,” Mucci told Global News, adding that “selfies, sharing brushes, pillows and headrests all pose a contraction risk.”

Additionally, the fact that some school boards now no longer require kids with lice to go home has also added to the spread of the pesky bugs.

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