09/22/2016 04:28 EDT | Updated 09/22/2016 04:39 EDT

Xavier Trudeau Knows How To Make World Leaders Feel Welcome

And what a way to say goodbye to summer.

Thursday's political news is saturated in free-trade talks between Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and China's Premier Li Keqiang. But last night the world leader got a much more informal welcome to our country.

In an Instagram photo, Trudeau and the Chinese leader are seated beside each other in Muskoka chairs. They're both wearing casual suits (no ties) and have beers within reach. They're also watching Trudeau's oldest son, Xavier, perform flips on a trampoline.

Along with the picture, Trudeau included the caption: "Canada's official welcome for Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is tomorrow. Unofficial welcome from Xavier tonight."

Sitting in the backyard on the last day of summer couldn't look more Canadian than this scene. (Except for maybe the suits.)

Xavier is pretty used to political life. Just take a look at this photo from 2008, which was taken just after his dad was sworn in as a Liberal MP.

Newly elected Liberal Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau holds his son Xavier while delivering a speech after being sworn in on Parliament Hill in Ottawa November 6, 2008.

Of course, Trudeau welcomed his share of dignitaries as a kid when his father, Pierre, was prime minister. Here he is with his parents after saying goodbye to Queen Elizabeth.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau clowns for the amusement of his son, Justin, after seeing off the Queen and Prince Philip at Ottawa.

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