09/23/2016 01:02 EDT | Updated 09/23/2016 01:02 EDT

Harambe Is Not A Patronus, J.K. Rowling Says

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has clarified that slain Ohio gorilla, Harambe, is not a part of her fictional universe.

A new feature on Rowling's Pottermore website allows users to find out what Patronus they would use in Harry Potter's world. A Patronus is an animal used to ward off soul-sucking creatures in the series.

Humour site The Chive put a fake picture on Twitter of Harambe the gorilla as a result on the Patronus page. Rowling retweeted the picture.

A bit later she posted. "I've been asked to make it clear that Harambe is not a Patronus you can actually get on @pottermore.'' But she added that she thought the joke was "very funny.''

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