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Royal Visit 2016: Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Charity For Mothers Struggling With Addiction

Sheway provides services to pregnant women and new mothers, with an indigenous focus on techniques.

After disembarking their plane in Vancouver, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said a few hellos and quickly dove right into their itinerary Sunday.

The royals visited Sheway, a pregnancy outreach program in the city's Downtown Eastside, which is one of Canada's poorest neighbourhoods.

The program offers resources to pregnant women and new mothers coping with drug and alcohol issues, to help bring positive parenting experiences.

The term "sheway" is a Coast Salish word for growth. The program incorporates indigenous cultural practices in their health care offerings. Approximately 65 per cent of the women who use the program are indigenous.

Sheway is a charity serving pregnant women and new mothers with addictions issues. (Photo by Arthur Edwards/Getty Images)

Health and nutrition services are also offered, along with housing and financial aid help, parental counselling, and music therapy.

The program has helped more than 270 women and 300 children between 2015 and 2016, Global News reports.

At the centre, Prince William and Catherine took part in a First Nations ceremonial welcome and prayer. They learned about vest-making, baby-welcoming ceremonies, and how to make traditional bannock and tea.

The Duchess of Cambridge has previously advocated for charities that support families affected by substance abuse. The couple sat down with women who are part of the centre and listened to their experiences overcoming addiction.

Before they left, Hailey Cain, a five-year-old Sheway baby, presented the royal couple with two teddy bears each wearing customized vests.

Prince William and Kate Middleton meet a baby during a visit to Sheway. (Photo by Arthur Edwards - Pool/Getty Images)

The royal couple are given teddy bears by a young girl during a visit to Sheway. (Photo by Arthur Edwards - Pool/Getty Images)

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