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3 Hairspray Hacks Perfect For Lazy Girls

Hairspray isn't only just for keeping your 'do in check.

Hairspray is a blessing. Especially for us lazy girls.

After achieving the hairstyle of our dreams, all we do is grab our favourite hairspray and spray (and spray and spray and spray) the sh*t out of our hair until it's locked into place and we don't need to touch it for the rest of the day. So easy.

But in the video above, Allure teaches us that hairspray isn't just for keeping our locks in check. The beauty must-have can also be used as a secret DIY weapon for every lazy girl out there. Yup, it makes for a great tool to fix up not only your beauty problems, but some of your style woes too.

Here are three lazy-girl style hacks using hairspray:

1. Removing ink stains

Ok, so you wore your crisp white shirt to work and you somehow managed to get an blue ink stain. Before you freak out, run to the ladies room and grab that hairspray. Spray a bit of product onto the ink, wait 30 seconds and use a dry cloth to rub the stain out. Keep at it and reapply as needed.

2. Get rid of excessive dry shampoo

We've all been a bit too dry shampoo happy before, spraying too much of the hair powder onto our oily roots, leaving us looking like Cruella DeVille. To get rid of that excessive dry shampoo lingering in your locks, spray hairspray onto your roots and work it through your hair for 20 seconds. The hairspray will absorb the dry shampoo and all the white powder in your hair will be gone in no time.

3. Stop a run in its tracks

Ever walked into the office with a fresh pair of nylons on and before you know it, you somehow already have a run going straight up your thigh? WORST. Sure, it's been said clear nail polish can do the trick by sealing the tear, but hairspray can also be your knight in shining armour. Spray a bit of the product on each of the runs and bam! You're nylons will no longer be embarrassing you in front of the entire office.

Watch the video above to see these hairspray hacks in action!

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