09/28/2016 05:45 EDT | Updated 09/28/2016 05:46 EDT

La Loche Teacher Blinded In Shooting Can't Afford Treatment

She says the shooting has changed her life dramatically.

SASKATOON — A woman who lost her sight after a deadly school shooting in northern Saskatchewan says she feels victimized again because she's not getting enough help.

Charlene Klyne, a supply teacher, was among seven people hurt in the shooting at the high school in La Loche in January.

A teacher and a teacher's aide were killed at the school and two brothers were also killed at a nearby home.

Charlene Klyne was shot during a school shooting in La Loche in January. (Photo: Liam Richards/CP)

Klyne lost all sight in her left eye, can only see shadows with her other eye and has pellets still lodged in her jaw and chest.

She's having her sixth surgery on Thursday but says she's only getting $360 every two weeks from workers' compensation which isn't enough to cover new living expenses and travel for treatment.

Klyne says the shooting has changed her life dramatically because now she can't even go to the grocery store or buy birthday gifts for her sons.

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