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Busty Girl Problems: Style Hacks For Women With Big Boobs

The struggle is real when it comes to dressing a fuller bust.

Whether you are plus or straight sized, the struggle is real when it comes to dressing a fuller bust.

For example, how many times have you had a great button-up top, only to find that it gapes at the bust throughout the day? Or embarked on that seemingly impossible hunt for a bra in your size that's NOT nude. And then, of course, there's the disappointment of finally finding something that fits your bust, only to find that it's three sizes too big everywhere else.

Thankfully, there are solutions to all of your big bust struggles, and we've rounded up a few of them below, along with some of the brands and retailers that are designing items that are both functional and beautiful for bustier women. And as the selection grows, soon we will find even more designs that we love and that fit well.

Behold, life-saving style hacks for women with big boobs.

Struggle #1: Tops too tight at the bust

Solutions: There are several ways to work around this struggle, such as:

  • Using double-sided tape between buttons to avoid gaps.
  • Opting for tops with either no buttons or half button plackets.
  • Purchasing tops in a larger size that fit at the bust, and then taking it to a seamstress to alter the rest of the fit.
  • Opting for a shift silhouette over a fitted dress, unless it's in a stretch. Other great silhouettes for bustier women are A-line and fit-and-flare.

Struggle #2: Basic bras

Solution: Shop stores carrying brands that take support and design into consideration

Brands that design bras for fuller-busted, straight-size women, include:

Brands that design bras for fuller-busted, plus-size women, include:

Struggle #3: Fit in the bust, but oversized everywhere else

Solutions: Again, there are a few ways you can tackle this problem, including:

  • Buying tops and dresses made with stretch material.
  • Buying a size up that fits your bust, and having the rest tailored to fit.
  • Finding brands that are a good fit for fuller-busted women, and that create pieces that can be worn with bras including full straps.

Brands that design clothing for fuller-busted, straight-size women, include:

Brands that design clothing for fuller-busted, plus-size women:

As there is no universal size guide, each brand fits differently, so the best thing to do is to find which ones fits your body best, which will making future shopping a breeze.

What stores are your favourite place to shop with a fuller bust? Check out some of our fave picks for busty women below:

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