09/29/2016 01:01 EDT

Maralee Caruso Couldn't Hold Back Her Laughter Over 'GoatMan' Story

LOL x 100.

A Winnipeg news anchor couldn’t hide her glee over a story about Britain’s “GoatMan” last week.

Maralee Caruso said Thomas Thwaites “wanted a simpler life” and chose to take a holiday and live life as a goat for three days.

To do this, Thwaites created prosthetic limbs that would allow his body to move like a goat. He bowed his head down to the ground and ate blades of grass, all in the pursuit of science.

But the sight of a grass-chewing grown man wearing a slick white helmet, on all fours, racing up a hill with a herd of goats was too much for Caruso. She laughed her way through the segment.

“I need a Kleenex,” she said at the end.

According to Thwaites’s website, he lived among a herd of goats in the Alps to “escape the angst inherent” that comes with being human. And his seemingly bizarre efforts have paid off.

On Sept. 22, Thwaites was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize — an annual award that celebrates research that “makes people laugh, and then think.”

He tied for the prize with another man who experimented living as a badger, a bird, an otter, and fox.

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