09/30/2016 05:04 EDT | Updated 10/01/2016 09:05 EDT

10 Mile Slide Video Shows Section Of B.C. Highway Basically Slipping Away

A First Nation in the B.C. interior has declared a state of emergency after a landslide forced the closure of a major highway.

A section of Highway 99 north of Lillooet has been closed after it slipped almost a metre this week, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The local Xaxli'p First Nation has declared a state of emergency because the road closure means a major route to their territory is cut off, according to CBC News.

Land has been shifting at the site, called the "10 Mile Slide," for decades, according to Global News.

Xaxli’p Chief Darrell Bob said in a video on his Facebook page Wednesday that over the years the landslide has deteriorated to a point of "almost no return."

"Since the mid-'80s, the Xaxli’p First Nation... have been worried about the 10 Mile Slide."

"Our concern currently right now is our lifeline."