09/30/2016 04:55 EDT

The Best Coffee Shops In Toronto And What To Order From Them

There's nothing wrong with stopping into your local Starbucks or Tim Hortons for a quick cup of joe, but if you stick to cookie-cutter corporate shops you're seriously missing out.

For most coffee lovers, stepping foot in a good cafe is a magical moment. Aside from the nutty aroma of perfectly roasted espresso beans, the best coffee shops are filled with a wide assortment of goodies.

In the slideshow below, we rounded up 22 of our favourite Toronto-based coffee shops. Whether you're a latte lover, drip coffee drinker or just into coffee shop culture but not the caffeine, these hotspots offer up more than delicious drinks and treats, many also provide that perfect Instagram opportunity you're always on the hunt for.

Looking for a little more glitz and glamour? Check out the video above for 10 of the most stunning coffee shops around the world.

Did we miss your favourite cafe? Let us know in the comments below.

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Best Coffee Shops In Toronto