09/30/2016 12:12 EDT | Updated 09/30/2016 12:12 EDT

La Loche Teacher Blinded In Shooting To Have Case Reviewed By WCB

Four people were killed in the January shooting.

SASKATOON — The minister responsible for the Workers' Compensation Board in Saskatchewan says he will ask the board to review the file of a woman who lost her sight as the result of a school shooting in La Loche, Sask., earlier this year.

Don Morgan told radio station CKOM the province had designated one person as a "single point of contact'' in La Loche to address resources for the community.

But he said he now understands that Charlene Klyne, 56, has had to be in Saskatoon for treatment of her injuries, so "we did not know about her.''

Klyne spoke about her struggles on Wednesday and called for more help for the survivors of the shooting.

Charlene Klyne, a victim who was shot during a mass school shooting in La Loche in January, speaks to the media at a provincial NDP office in Saskatoon. (Photo: CP)

Klyne said she has been getting just $360 every two weeks from WCB, which she says isn't enough to cover new living expenses and travel for treatment.

A teacher and teacher's aide were killed in the January shooting at the high school, while two brothers were killed at a nearby home and seven others were injured.

Morgan said he had not been contacted by Klyne about her situation.

"The people who are in the community, we were able to get them the supports that they needed,'' he said. "Unfortunately this individual was not in La Loche. We did not know about her, so we want to reach out and try to help her.''

Additionally, Morgan said he would look at getting someone from either the ministry of education or health to meet with Klyne to discuss the supports needed.

"We did a lot of things for the people of La Loche and we don't want to have somebody fall off because they didn't happen to be in La Loche after the incident.''

Klyne lost her sight in shooting

Klyne, whose sometimes worked as a teacher at the school where her husband was vice-principal, still has shotgun pellets lodged in her jaw and chest. She lost all sight in her left eye and can only see shadows with the other.

She said her husband has had to take leave from work to care for her in Saskatoon.

A teenage boy, who can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.


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