10/01/2016 09:46 EDT

Justin Trudeau Is A 'Beautiful Man' Says Ex-BuzzFeed Host Matt Bellassai

He also called Trump "a cursed pile of gerbils".

Matt Bellassai has nothing to whine about when it comes to Justin Trudeau.

The former BuzzFeed host of the wildly popular online show "Whine About It,” gushed about Canada's prime minister and likened him to a “fairy queen who fell from a rainbow carrying a bag of chocolates and puppies.”

“The most upsetting thing about him is that he gets to live here and you guys get to have him while we have to deal with everything that’s going on in our country,” joked Bellassai about the upcoming presidential election.

Not quite the chocolate and puppies version we were expecting but close enough.

The 26-year-old comedian recently left BuzzFeed to pursue solo work including a world-comedy tour and a new Facebook series, “To Be Honest.”

He’s currently in Toronto for the JFL42 comedy festival, which ends Oct. 1.

Bellassai dropped by the Huffington Post Canada studios to chat about classic Canadian foods and rant about more Canadiana.

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