10/02/2016 09:20 EDT | Updated 10/02/2016 12:08 EDT

Prince George Refuses Another High Five As The Royals Say Goodbye To Canada

C'mon people, didn't we learn anything from Trudeau?

There were many memorable moments from the royal visit this past week, but let's be real, chief among them was the moment Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went in for a high five and Prince George wasn't having it.

No question who the boss is in this scenario, and we made a mental note should we ever meet George: just a hello will do. After all, he's just three-years-old.

But a lot can happen in eight days. Was it possible the little prince had a change of heart by the end of the tour?

Not so much. A young fella gave it one last try as the royal family was leaving Victoria Saturday and signalled to George to go up-top — but was also left hanging.

Luckily, mum Kate was there for the save. Watch the moment at about :28 in the video.

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