10/03/2016 12:39 EDT

The Foods You Should Avoid Before Bedtime

Your stomach will thank you.

Having a hard time falling (or staying) asleep? Finding yourself feeling tired at work? It might be because you've gone to the refrigerator for some late-night food.

Health experts agree that there are certain foods you should avoid before going to bed if you don't want to toss and turn at night.

According to, anecdotal evidence suggests certain foods consumed right before bedtime are more likely to be "sleep stealers," while others are "sleep promoters."

While some foods can actually help you sleep, such as a light snack like crackers or apples, many others can disrupt your sleep, like dark chocolate and pizza, causing an irritated stomach and insomnia, reports the Food Network.

Watch the video above to learn which foods you should avoid before you go to sleep.

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