14 Ways To Fight Those Painful Period Pains

From cramps to headaches, here are foods that help.

Any woman on her period feels some type of discomfort throughout the day. Whether it's painful cramps or bloated abdomens or even discomfort from a tampon, let's just say these things are quite common and sometimes, expected.

Studies show more than half of women report some pain from their periods at least once or twice a month, and family doctor Christopher Calapai of New York City believes what women eat and drink can also play a role in how they feel.

"Although the causes of premenstrual syndrome aren't well understood, fluctuating levels of hormones and brain chemicals are thought to play a role," he said in a statement.

There are of course other ways to soothe painful periods, including taking a safe painkiller, using a heating pad or hitting the gym to boost your endorphins.

WebMD notes if your period is heavy, bleeds in between regular cycles, or is regularly missed, you should always get more insight from a doctor.

Heavy or painful menstruation can even signal endometriosis, a condition where tissue that lines the uterus begins to form in other parts of the body, WebMD adds.

Below, Calapai suggests 14 ways we can make changes to our diets to help relieve some pain from cramps, bloating and even headaches.

How To Fight Period Cramps