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Michael Bonacini's Garlicky Tagliolini Recipe Uses Epic Amounts Of Parmesan Cheese

One of Canada's top restaurateurs will teach you how to say its Italian name like a pro.

When you make the ultimate Italian pasta, you have to go big and go home.

That's what seasoned chef and Toronto-based restaurateur Michael Bonacini lives by, especially when it comes to making a dish that's as much of a mouthful to say as it is to eat. For this episode of "Say It. Make It. Eat It." series, the Masterchef judge made tagliolini aglio e olio with parmigiano reggiano.

Translating to "tagliolini with garlic and oil," this dish uses just seven ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Here's a quick masterclass in pronouncing what's sure to be your next favourite meal. Tagliolini aglio e olio is said like "ta-go-lee-nee ah-lee-yo eh oh-lee-yo." Parmigiano reggiano is pronounced "parm-ee-jhya-know rey-gee-ah-know." An authentic touch to saying this dish would include rolling r's, soft g's, stressed o's, and a flowing inflection.

Ready to see how this thing of beauty is created? Get step-by-step instruction in the video below:

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For Bonacini, cooking perfect tagliolini is a family affair. Hailing from the bountiful Emilia-Romagna region, Bonacini spent his childhood making trips to his uncle’s cheese factory, pushing wheelbarrows brimming with local cows' milk. His son didn’t inherit that exhausting responsibility, but he does his part in the kitchen to make the noodles, twirling in a well-salted boiling pot.

On the culinary creativity his father gave him, Bonancini says, “I like to think I pass on to my son, and inspire him to cook and use great local ingredients."

See Bonacini behind the scenes in these SME outtakes:

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