Turkey Recipes: 24 Great Ways To Cook This Thanksgiving Bird

They're perfect for leftovers, too.

Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving this year? Welcome to the club.

If you've never cooked a turkey for a big group of people, it can seem a bit daunting. Even seasoned pros can feel intimidated by the big bird.

That's where we can help. There are many ways to cook a turkey, and the classic bird with stuffing, mash, green beans and potatoes is just one of them.

Below, we round up 20 turkey recipes that will blow away your family and friends. From turkey burgers and breast, to casseroles and meatballs, we've got you covered for all your turkey needs.

And, if you're just having a dinner for two, don't worry, many of these recipes can be made for small groups, too.

Turkey Recipe