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Professional Merman Eric Montel Is Breaking Down Stereotypes Of A Typical Mermaid

Goals AF.

If you thought only girls have dreams of being mermaids, think again. Some men have the very same dream, and one man in particular is living it out to the fullest.

Meet Eric Montel, a 24-year-old professional merman from Atlanta.

According to Buzzfeed, Montel, who goes by the professional name Rasta Merman Blix, has "always been a mermaid lover" and decided to pursue being a mermaid professionally two years ago.

"They are the oldest mythical creature known to man," Eric told BuzzFeed of his decision to be a merman. "I just love how free they are and don’t have to worry about money and bills like we have to. Their personalities can go from charming to dangerous at the drop of rain. Plus, humans can’t resist them."

Eric, who helps his godmother Natasha with her business making mermaid tails for both men and women, says being a black, gay merman is important to him as it challenges the stereotypical image of a mermaid.

"Every mermaid you see has got blonde hair and blue eyes," he says in a video created by YouTube star Davey Wavey. "I’ve even had kids tell me, 'My friends say I can’t be a mermaid because I’m black,' and I’m like no babydoll, that should make you want to be one!"

"Being a merman has taught me to just be free, not to care what anyone thinks," Montel continues in the video. "Be like the ocean, just be free, follow your own current, no matter what ANYBODY says."

Preach. Check out more majestic photos of Eric below!

A photo posted by Prince Blix (@merman_blix) on

A photo posted by Prince Blix (@merman_blix) on

A photo posted by Prince Blix (@merman_blix) on

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