10/05/2016 05:30 EDT

Rick Mercer: Donald Trump's Strategies Could Come Up North

Look to the south for a cautionary tale, he says.

Rick Mercer says Canadians should gaze upon the spectacle that is the U.S. election not to feel superior, but for a cautionary tale.

The CBC comedian kicked off the 14th season of the "Rick Mercer Report" on Tuesday with a warning that the Republican nominee's tactics could permeate Canadian politics — especially with the NDP and the Conservatives searching for new leaders.

In his rant segment, Mercer says the NDP are "just sitting there waiting for a hostile takeover."

'Ill wind blows from the south'

"Literally, someone shows up with a few bucks, a name and the will to live? The party could be theirs."

As for the Conservative leadership race, which has a fairly large field of candidates so far, Mercer suggests some Tories are paying "very close attention" to Trump's strategies.

"When choosing your leader, remember it is an ill wind that blows from the south," he says.

Watch Mercer's full rant in the video embedded above.

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