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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Will Scale Back On Social Media Following Robbery

Sorry world, but don't expect to see too much of Kim Kardashian West on social media anymore.

According to TMZ, the 35-year-old reality TV star agrees with Paris police and critics that her social media presence is what made her an easy target to the robbers responsible for the $10 million heist that left her at gunpoint in Paris early Monday morning.


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West, who previously didn't shy away from posting images of her personal wealth, including the $4.5 million ring that was stolen during the robbery, is reportedly taking a month off work following the robbery, and will "pull back in a big way on social media," a source tells TMZ.

The source also says she will be "less ostentatious with the promotion of her fashion line."

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An Us Weekly insider says the whole ordeal was "a completely life-changing event for Kim."

"She realizes she was living in a bubble doing what she was doing. She loved flaunting her wealth and being so public," the source continued. "She felt safe and never really thought about her vulnerability. Now she knows she was so naive. Everything has to change going forward."


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Following the news of Kim's robbery, several celebrities have spoken out about the incident. And while some offered their support to the mother-of-two, others scolded her for flaunting her wealth, including fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.

"(She is) too public, too public ... we have to see in what time we live. You cannot display your wealth then be surprised that some people want to share it,'' Lagerfeld said after the Chanel show on Tuesday. "I don't understand why (Kardashian) was in a hotel with no security and things like this. If you are that famous and you put all your jewelry on the net you go to hotels where nobody can come near to the room."

Kim Kardashian has yet to speak publicly about the incident, though her spokesperson said the reality star was "badly shaken but physically unharmed."

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