This Is How You Order Beer In 17 Countries


When travelling abroad, some of the most important phrases to learn in a country's native tongue are, "Where is the washroom?," "Can I get the bill?" and words such as "Hello," "Please," "Thank you," and "Help!"

But if you're at the bar trying to order a brew? Knowing the appropriate phrase in a country's native language will earn you the respect of the bartender or server, it is sure to impress the company you're with as well.

That's where the following infographic comes in handy. Expedia Canada sourced phrases from 17 countries which will help you slide up to the counter and order your favourite (or soon-to-be-favourite) beer like a pro. The infographic also teaches you the proper way to toast as well as what's best paired with that cold brew.

On top of this, you'll also learn interesting tidbits about the countries' history with beer. For example, did you know that the ancient Egyptians had a goddess of beer and used the brew to treat a range of ailments? In fact, beer was thought to be healthier than water.

So, check out the infographic below and learn how to order beer like the world-class traveller you are.

How To Order a Beer in 17 Different Countries [Infographic] by

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