10/07/2016 02:59 EDT | Updated 10/07/2016 03:11 EDT

William Shatner Leaves TV Hosts On Another Planet After Trainwreck Interview

"I’m deadly serious, you understand."

William Shatner left two British TV hosts on another planet after he mocked them on-air over a fan question during an interview on Friday.

And that was before he randomly asked after someone named Neil.

The “Star Trek” legend spoke to “Good Morning Britain” hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway to promote Europe’s largest convention celebrating the 50th anniversary of the series.

But when asked about his favourite episode, Shatner responded with some sarcasm.

“No, I’ve never been asked that question before,” he said via video link from Birmingham.

William Shatner speaks to “Good Morning Britain” hosts on Friday. (Screengrab)

The two hosts quickly took Shatner to task, saying the question was actually forwarded by a reader. “Don’t mock us!” said Garraway.

And instead of delivering an answer on the spot, Shatner tried to cajole viewers to come to Birmingham with all their burning “Star Trek” questions.

Shatner held court from the captain’s chair of a Starship Enterprise’s auxiliary control centre set recreated from the original series. And while in that seat, he was asked if he ever played pranks on co-stars during filming.

“I never play pranks … I’m deadly serious, you understand,” he said before launching into a tangent after getting distracted by the adhesive keeping the buttons glued onto his captain’s chair.

These two women weren't sure what was going on either. (Screengrab)

The interview comes to an abrupt end after Shatner asked if Neil on the other end of the line.

“No, it’s Kate and Ben in the studio,” said Shephard.

“Lovely to chat… if that’s what it was to you,” Shatner responded, slipping in one last plug for the “gloriously wonderful” Birmingham convention.

The never-prankster later addressed the trainwreck interview with a belated burn.

Vintage Shatner.

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