10/11/2016 12:56 EDT

15-Minute Workout: How To Get Fit Fast

Everyone has 15 minutes to spare.

When you don't really want to do it it can be impossible to find time to work out. But even the busiest people in the world will admit they can squeeze in 15 minutes for something important at some point in the day.

While you might argue that working out isn't important to you, we think it's important for everyone. After all, researchers say a quick 15-minute workout can combat memory loss, brain aging and reduce your risk of heart disease — not to mention it will help you tone up too!

In the video above, online fitness star Emily Skye shares a quick 15-minute workout you can practice anywhere. Using just a floor mat, Skye demonstrates five exercises that will target your butt, thighs and abs.

Still can't commit to this express routine? Try each of the five exercises in between meetings, while watching tv, or even while brushing your teeth.

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