10/11/2016 04:40 EDT

Outerwear Brands You Probably Don't Know About But Should

The reality of winter fashion in Canadian climates is that you really only have to worry about one piece of clothing for the better part of four months.

You probably guessed that the item in question is your coat. As much as we try to make winter fashion exciting, the reality is that it’s really f’ing cold and we spend the majority of our time bundled up – even indoors in some cases.

The good news is, outerwear options are plentiful and it doesn’t stop at Canada Goose parkas. There are a plethora of alternative brands you’ve never heard of and might even impress you more than the household outerwear brands you’ve come to know.

Take a chance on one of these under the radar brands and choose not to blend into the crowd this winter.

Outerwear Brands

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