10/11/2016 12:10 EDT

Carved Pineapples Are The Perfect Alternative To Pumpkins This Halloween

Save a pumpkin. Carve a pineapple.

Don't want to carry a heavy pumpkin home just to carve it for Halloween? Get on trend and carve a pineapple instead.

Because pumpkin carving is so last year #pineapplecarving #socialshoot #mooselife #moosylvania

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Dozens of pineapple carvings have popped up on Instagram in advance of Halloween. And while the small tropical fruit might not seem like a suitable replacement for bulbous pumpkins, the photos prove otherwise.

The spiky-skinned fruit not only lights up beautifully, it might even be easier to carve since the skin isn't nearly as hard as a gourd. But our favourite thing about this funny looking jack o' lantern is all the delicious things we can make from the fruit inside.

Check out some of our favourite pineapple carvings below, and let us know: would you try this Halloween trend?

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