10/11/2016 12:05 EDT | Updated 10/11/2016 12:05 EDT

Are You a New Pet Owner? Here Are The Five Things You Should Have

Five things every new pet owner should have. From the AOL Partner Studio

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Bringing home a new dog or cat can be both an exciting and stressful experience. You might be ready for the challenge but worry you don’t have everything you need for the best care.

Well, we’ve got your back. Here are five things every pet owner should get before they bring their furry friend home, presented in partnership with Royal Canin.

An ID Tag

Animals are unpredictable and can easily run off. Get an ID tag with your phone number on it and make sure it’s the first thing you fasten to your pet's collar when you bring your new friend home.

There's also the option of getting a microchip -- a rice-sized device that’s injected in your pet’s back. It stores contact information that can easily be retrieved with a scan of a code. Should your pet go missing and wind up at a shelter, staff can use it to reunite you two.

Food Tailored To Your Pet’s Needs

Just like babies, puppies and kittens have precise nutritional needs that must be met for them to develop and grow to their full potential. High-quality food with a specific balance of nutrients is essential to an animal’s development.

Brands like Royal Canin have specialized formulas that ensure your pet’s nutritional needs are met. They have the most precise balance of vitamins, minerals, fat, protein and carbohydrates that allow your pet to grow into a healthy and strong animal.

Poop Bags

If you’re going to be a dog owner, make sure you’re a responsible one. Always have disposal bags while on walks so that you're prepared when nature calls. Attach one or two of them on your leash, so you never leave the house without one.

A Good Bed

We spend considerable time searching for that perfect bed and mattress for ourselves. Why would it be any different for our pets? They also deserve a comfortable spot to rest their head at night. Pet stores have an extensive variety of comfortable and plush beds. Fleece or sheepskin beds will keep your little one warm but don’t invest in anything too elaborate until your puppy or kitten has graduated from the ripping-everything-to-shreds stage. A blanket or towel will have to do until then.


Just like children, puppies and kittens love their toys. Puppies love plush fuzzy toys that they can chew on, critical thinking toys that challenge them to retrieve food lodged in the device and, of course, fetching objects. Just like humans, toys allow young dogs to develop socially and prevent them from getting bored.

As for kittens, balls, catnip toys, climbing structures and interactive lasers will keep your tiny new family member entertained.

Your new pet is now part of your family, and as such deserves the very best. That means quality care, quality items, and, of course, quality food catered to its specific needs. Royal Canin is a global champion and industry leader in cat and dog nutrition that provides the most tailored nutrition to meet the specific needs of each individual pet.