10/12/2016 11:03 EDT

Toronto Restaurant La Carnita Under Fire For 'Grab Her By The Taco' Comment

Toronto's popular Mexican street food joint La Carnita came under fire this week after the restaurant's social media team posted an inappropriate caption to its Instagram page.

UPDATE: La Carnita has posted another apology and updates on their Facebook page:

The comment in question, which read: "What if Donald said, 'grab her by the taco'... #LCeverywhere #tacotuesday" has been labelled "disgusting," "sexist" and "gross" on social media.

The phrase refers to a 2005 audio recording of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making disgusting comments about sexually assaulting women, and in particular, saying, "grab her by the pussy." He later apologized for his actions and said it was nothing but "locker room talk."

Before La Carnita could realize their mistake, Instagram user @chefgrantsoto screengrabbed and shared it online before the restaurant could delete the post.

"Grab her by the taco" oh @la_carnita...

A photo posted by chefgrantsoto (@chefgrantsoto) on

Instagram user @theblackhoof (restaurateur Jen Agg) commented while the restaurant may have thought it was being "cutting edge and subversive," this kind of comment just doesn't work.

"It isn't that I lack a sense of humour. It's that this garbage perpetuates the idea that woman are objects," she wrote on @chefgrantsoto's Instagram post . "La Carnita is just playing to the lowest common denominator. An easy, lazy card to play."

Some Twitter users spoke their mind about the insulting Instagram comment, saying they will simply no longer eat at the restaurant.

Following the criticism, La Carnita issued an apology on Twitter on Tuesday.

"Tonight, we made a mistake. A big one. We used a caption that was dumb, rude, and insensitive. Once we realized our error, we quickly removed it. For anyone who saw it, know that we understand your anger and fully realize why it was inappropriate. We truly apologize. We can do better, and we will," they wrote.

Some Twitter users advised the restaurant to make a donation to a sexual assault crisis centre, while others want to know exactly what it means when it says, "we can do better, and we will."

We will keep you updated.

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