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JoJo Pens Essay For Motto On Body Image And Acceptance

The singer opens up about accepting herself.

JoJo is opening up once again about how she learned to love herself and accept her body.

After a candid interview with PopSugar in the summer where she addressed the pressures many young women in the music industry are facing, including weight loss through injections and calorie restrictions, the "Too Little, Too Late" songstress is opening up yet again, but this time through writing.

In a personal essay for Motto published on Thursday, JoJo wrote about being a woman in both the public eye and in society, and how you are scrutinized over every detail of your appearance.

"People in the public eye are judged constantly — by media, by fans, even by the companies that they work for and with," the 25-year-old singer wrote. "I’ve spent an indecent amount of time pinching parts of my body in shame, imagining how much better it’d look if certain areas would just shrink, dissolve or stop making me feel so 'less-than.'"

After feeling like a "product" in a industry that was trying to make her lose weight and become something she wasn't, JoJo said she now has gained full control of what she wants out of her life and career.

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"Today, the comparison game is one I will not play. I refuse. Trying to measure up to what anyone else seems 'perfect' does nothing for my health mentally or physically, nor does it get me any further in my growth as an artist," she wrote.

"When I think of all the time I’ve spent uncomfortable in my own skin, wishing I could just hibernate for the winter and come back skinny, I realize I could have channeled that energy and obsession into something much more productive," she continued.

For JoJo, life is all about celebrating ones own unique beauty.

"I will never have a thigh gap ... I’m a brick house adorned with battle scars and cellulite, curves and confidence," JoJo Some days I have abs, sometimes mehhh… I don’t know where they go. And you know what? It’s all good."

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By not conforming and accepting her best self, the "Mad Love" pop star is encouraging others to give themselves a break and stop apologizing for "taking up space."

"The possibilities are endless, really, when you accept how you were made and are able to celebrate your unique beauty, and find it in everyone you meet," she continued. "Whether that’s skinny, thick, athletic, chubby, or however you describe yourself ... When you accept who you are, it’s only a matter of time before others have no choice but to follow suit."

Read JoJo's essay here.

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