10/14/2016 11:11 EDT

Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Barely Make It Out Of Haunted House Alive

It may be impossible for a haunted house to scare you to death but if you're comedian Kevin Hart, it can certainly frighten you to fart.

On Thursday night the 37-year-old actor and comedian joined "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon for a terrifying tour of New York City's Blood Manor haunted house.

Armed with cameras strapped to their chests, Fallon and Hart, who both admitted to being fearful, took viewers on their haunted house adventure. And the cameras caught everything, from the two shrieking and screaming to Hart confessing he was so scared he farted and even a moment when the duo tried to stop a chainsaw-carrying masked man from coming their way.

Dubbed the scariest haunted house in New York, Blood Manor is a labyrinth of horrifying themed rooms, corridors and passageways.

But don't just take our word for it, watch the full "Tonight Show" clip below:

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