10/14/2016 10:29 EDT | Updated 10/14/2016 12:24 EDT

#WhyWomenDontReport Is An Unfortunate Reality For Many Women

Unfortunately, nothing about this is surprising.

Trigger warning: This article contains information about sexual violence which may be triggering to survivors.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has faced multiple sexual assault allegations this week, the most recent from a Canadian writer who formerly worked at People magazine.

But along with the accusations (and frankly, how Trump has talked about women and their body parts in the past few weeks), some still find it hard to understand why these women didn't report their sexual assaults right away.

To get some answers, Vox correspondent Elizabeth Plank asked her Twitter followers a question on Thursday: "We've had a masterclass today in why women are scared to report sexual assault. Why didn't you report yours?" with the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport.

She even followed up with her own experience with sexual harassment:

Her tweet prompted dozens of responses and personal stories from people on social media, all of them sharing their own experiences of not reporting their sexual assault.

Some brought up victim blaming:

Others brought up women lacking proof or evidence:

While some even flipped the focus from women to men:

Following last Friday's now public comments of Trump bragging about sexual assault and grabbing women "by the pussy," Canadian writer Kelly Oxford also started her own hashtag #notokay to help women share their first experiences of being sexually assaulted in an online forum.

Plank expressed her gratitude for women being brave enough to share their stories on Twitter. "The only thing getting me through this painful news cycle is the unshakable strenght of women coming forward with their truth. #TYBraveWomen," she wrote.

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