10/15/2016 04:49 EDT

Harry Potter Makeup Brush Set Is Our Childhood Dreams Come True

This is basically a Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Get ready to take your contour to magical levels.

Storybook Cosmetics have unveiled a prototype for silver-handled makeup brushes carved to look like wands from J.K. Rowling's epic literary series.

The Internet is still in pieces last we checked.

The brand confirmed via Instagram that these wizarding tools have now been approved for market, and will be available in about six weeks.

Now, you have a legitimate reason to whisper "wingardium leviosa" and "swish and flick" while perfecting your liquid eyeliner.

After announcing this feat of awesomeness, the makeup brand raised the stakes even higher with a "Mean Girls"-inspired palette.

On Wednesdays, we wear Mean Girls Makeup. 💄 (Tentative idea, all depends on licensing 🙏🏻)

A photo posted by Mandy, Missy & Erin (@storybookcosmetics) on

The sketch posted to Storybook's Instagram shows a Burn Book-shaped case filled with "Army Pants" and "Flip Flops," a shade of pink named "Wednesday," and "Glen Coco" brown.

So Fetch.

The eye palette is still in the ideation stage though, as licensing and copyright still have to be ironed out.

Until then, our loves of Harry Potter and makeup will be merged at last.

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