10/15/2016 03:40 EDT | Updated 10/15/2016 10:46 EDT

Tell America It's Great Campaign: Canada Gives America A Neighbourly Pep Talk

"America could probably use a little cheering up."

When Canadians see their neighbours down in the dumps, they do what they do best: bombard them with kindness.

As the U.S. is locked in a nasty and bitter presidential election campaign, one Canadian company decided that "America could probably use a little cheering up."

The Garden, a Toronto marketing agency, launched a campaign called "Tell America It's Great" on Thursday. It's asking Canadians to remind our southern neighbours of their country's proud history and achievements.

The company asked Canadians to set aside one of their favourite pastimes — pointing out America's imperfections — to focus on the positive. The resulting video, or "love note," show Canadians listing their favourite things about the United States from its political activism to a diverse and rich musical legacy.

"You invented the Internet," one woman says.

"As their closest friends and neighbours, we thought it was important for us to do something to cut through the negativity and help remind them that no matter how bad things might seem, there are a lot of reasons to believe that America is still pretty great," The Garden explained in a blog post.

Donald Trump speaks in San Pedro, Calif. on Sept. 15, 2015. (Photo by: Visions of America/UIG via Getty Images)

While the campaign doesn't mention Donald Trump by name, "Tell America It's Great" riffs off the Republican candidate's slogan, "Make America Great Again."

And this social campaign's message is getting through loud and clear.

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