10/17/2016 17:39 EDT | Updated 10/18/2017 01:12 EDT

Alberta police investigate more than 130 ATM thefts in more than 60 communities

EDMONTON — Police in Alberta say they are investigating more than 130 thefts from ATM machines across the province so far this year.

RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs and municipal police say two organized crime groups have been identified and some arrests have been made.

Police say the thefts took place in more than 60 communities and targeted banks, credit unions, gas stations and convenience stores.

Surveillance camera pictures released by investigators show three people, one armed with a gun, dragging two ATM machines out of a store.

Another shows people using a sledge hammer to break into a business and tying a chain to an ATM.

In each case the robbers are wearing clothing that conceals their identity.

Police are to hold a new conference in Edmonton Tuesday to release more details.    

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