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A Harry Potter Boudoir Photo Shoot Happened And It's Magic

NSFH (that's not safe for Hogwarts, FYI).

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll remember this: It's book four, The Goblet of Fire, and Harry has just won the first round of the Tri-Wizard Tournament and everyone basically fan girls over him. Harry can't even walk to his potions class or enjoy a meal in the Great Hall without a young witch falling in love with him and only hoping that they might be the chosen one to accompany the Boy Who Lived to the Yule Ball.

Well, flash forward to this week and it's not just the ladies of Hogwarts who are falling hard for Harry. It's all of us. And it has to do with a dudeoir shoot that basically imagines what Mr. Potter would look like if he was all grown up and ... in the bedroom (or is it the cupboard under the stairs?).

Oklahoma City Photographer Sarah Hester and model Zachary Howell just made our HP fantasies a reality by re-imagining a stripped-down version of the most famous wizard in history.

Hold on to your brooms, fans:


"I met Zach (the model) at a local meet up for photographers," Hester told "He was modelling for us that day and I needed a lot of help with my male posing. I couldn’t remember his name and so I just called him 'Harry.'"

"Later in the day I jokingly asked if he would be up for a Harry Potter-themed male boudoir," she continued. "He was into the idea and so we scheduled it right away!"

If you're wondering, it was indeed Sarah's first time conducting a "dudeoir" shoot and she did suffer from a case of the giggles.

"I did giggle and scream a few times," she said. "We had an absolute blast during the shoot! Everyone was laughing. I normally shoot women in my studio. This was my first male boudoir shoot. It was very different for me. I was really uncomfortable, but my assistants and Zach made it really easy."

As for 24-year-old Zach, he fully channelled the famous character for the steamy pics.

"With the shoot we didn’t expect so much, but I just thought about how much Harry wanted Ginny," he told Metro U.K.

Accio hotness, are we right?

For more ~steamy~ images from the Harry Potter Boudoir shoot, check out the slideshow below:

Photo gallery Harry Potter Boudoir Shoot See Gallery

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