10/18/2016 05:25 EDT | Updated 11/17/2016 02:14 EST

'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' Looks Back At Trudeau Government's 1st Year

Federal governments. They grow up so fast.

It's been one year since Justin Trudeau's election victory, a win that saw the Liberals jump from third-party status in the House of Commons to form a majority government.

A lot has happened since. A lot hasn't happened.

22 minutes trudeau government

“This Hour Has 22 Minutes” star Mark Critch takes a chug of that good stuff to celebrate the Liberal government's first year. (Photo: AOL ON screenshot)

To help us look back at the Liberals' time in power in so far, "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" star Mark Critch has a helpful entertaining summary of the government's year.

"They're one already! They're so cute at that age, aren't they?" he says in an episode airing Tuesday night, pointing at a photo of Trudeau.

Critch then goes over the feds' "first steps" (their swearing-in ceremony) as well as their "missteps" — when Health Minister Jane Philpott had to repay more than $3,500 she spent on a limo service owned by a Liberal supporter. Or when they spent thousands of dollars on a photographer's services at the climate summit in Paris.

You get the picture.

You can watch the "This Hour" segment in the video embedded above.

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