10/18/2016 03:39 EDT

Tucson Man Rescued From Chimney After He Tried To Climb Into His House

We've all been locked out. It sucks.

But there are a number of options. You can call whoever else lives with you to get them to drop off their keys. You can call a locksmith to get them to cut you a new one. Heck, you can go to McDonald's for an hour or so until the locksmith gets there.

One Tucson, Ariz. man saw only one solution. After locking his keys inside his house on Sunday, he climbed down his chimney.

Of course, he got stuck. For up to four hours.

Firefighters were called to the scene after a neighbour heard the man yelling, the Tucson Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

The 26-year-old's feet were touching his house's floor, but he was stuck because the chimney narrowed near the bottom, the fire department wrote.

Firefighters lowered a rope down to him, and then carefully pulled him out with their hands.

He was evaluated by paramedics at the scene, but wasn't injured, according to fire officials.

We know what you're thinking. Who would ever think this was a smart idea? Several other people in Arizona, apparently.

The Arizona Republic reports that firefighters in Phoenix and Tucson have rescued at least three other people from chimneys since February 2015, including a boy who apparently slipped and fell into it while playing.

A man in Carroll, Iowa, took it a step further back in May when he was rescued from a chimney, while naked, according to the Daily Times Herald. Jordan Kajewski claimed he had been playing hide and seek.

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