10/19/2016 02:46 EDT | Updated 10/19/2016 03:50 EDT

Netflix Canada's Selection Beats U.S. On Quality Content

Take that, America!

Canadians often complain that their Netflix library is weaker than the one Americans enjoy.

That may be true when it comes to the sheer volume of titles.

But a new report out of U.S. blog Streaming Observer suggests you can access better content up north.

Last month, the blog mined the U.S. Netflix catalogue to see how many titles were available from the Internet Movie Database's (IMDb) Top 250 list.

It turned out that only 12 per cent of them were available to American subscribers.

This month, Streaming Observer writer Eric Anthony looked at nine other countries' libraries and found that the U.S. catalogue ranks near the bottom of the list when it comes to movies that appear on the IMDb Top 250.

Netflix Canada has 49 titles from that list, while the U.S. catalogue only has 33. Both of them beat the U.K., which boasts only 28 titles from that list.

The IMDb Top 250 is a ranking of movie titles by the website's users.

The rankings are subjective, but the list does include classic titles such as "The Godfather," "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Dark Knight."

Netflix Canada boasts all of those titles, and five in the top 10. The U.S. catalogue has only a single title in the IMDb top 10: "Pulp Fiction," which you can also access in Canada.

The Great White North is nowhere near the top of the list for quality content, according to Streaming Observer. That would be Brazil, which has 85 titles on the IMDb top 250. Mexico is second, with 73.

Canada FTW

This is only the latest piece of news that gives Netflix Canada a leg up on its southern cousin.

Earlier this year it added "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" to its catalogue. The U.S. can't have that title due to an agreement with pay channel Starz.

So TAKE THAT, America!

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