10/19/2016 01:02 EDT

Carlos Rodriguez, 'Half-Headed' Man, Makes News Not For Arrest, But His Mugshot

Carlos Rodriguez lost part of his skull in a car accident.

A Miami man is making the news again for his mugshot.

Carlos Rodriguez was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree arson and attempted murder. But while the charges are serious, everyone's talking about his booking photos.

Carlos Rodriguez's mugshot after he was arrested Monday on attempted murder and arson charges. (Photo: Miami-Dade County Corrections)

The 31-year-old lost part of his skull in a car accident, he said in a YouTube video posted in 2012.

Rodriguez said he was on drugs when his car hit a pole and he sailed out the window, landing on his head.

He was also arrested in 2010 for soliciting a prostitute, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Miami New Times.

His booking photo, showing his odd skull, made him the star of the publication's "Mugshots Friday."

In a section of the report meant for physical features, a police officer wrote that Rodriguez had "half a head."

Public defender says he may have "mental issues"

He is now facing arson and attempted murder charges for allegedly setting a fire to a mattress, according to NBC Miami.

Firefighters say the fire was set on purpose, threatening the lives of the people in the duplex next to him.

He appeared in bond court Tuesday, according to NBC Miami, but his public defender requested the hearing be pushed to Wednesday instead. He said Rodriguez might have "mental issues."

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