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Makeup Artist Huda Kattan Proves You Can Use Vagisil As A Primer

Hey, whatever works, right?

By now, you should all know that Huda Kattan is the beauty queen of Instagram.

With over 15.4 million followers, the "blogger turned business woman" never seizes to amaze us with her makeup tutorials and DIY beauty vids. Time and time again we find ourselves glued to our phone screens waiting for the MUA to post one of her oh-so-innovative beauty hacks to her Insta feed.

But her latest video had us all like ?!?!?!? because the American-born, Dubai-based makeup artist used lube, laxative and Vagisil on her face to see which one would work as the best primer.

Not joking.

Now, for Huda, this beauty tutorial is nothing out of the ordinary. She's used cinnamon extract to plump her lips, removed blackheads with toothpaste and made her own bronzer using cocoa powder ... you know, all the strange things. But when it comes to putting anti-itch vaginal cream on your face ... it's next level. Even for Huda.

In her YouTube video, Kattan notes that many of these "weird primers" actually have a lot of ingredients in them that work well with makeup, which could potentially make a great base for foundation.

First up: Lube.

In the video, Huda explains the K-Y jelly lubricant actually has a lot of similar ingredients to silicone based primers, like glyercine. However, she notes that even though it's soothing and goes on similarly to a primer, once her makeup sets, it starts to peel, which is a big hell to the no.

"This is a disaster," Huda says.

Next: Laxative.

Huda tries Milk of Magnesia on her T-zone to see if it could really control the oil. She explains that it's thick, yet hydrating, making it a great choice for skin types that are oily since it should have a matte finish. However, soon after making that statement, Kattan realizes the laxative starts to "feel weird," almost like a powder. Even worse? It completely dries up her skin.

But the best primer? Vagisil.

With dimethicone, a silicone-based polymer used for protecting and soothing the skin, as a main ingredient, Vagisil proves to be the best primer. Huda says it's great for oil control and it feels really nice and hydrating once applied to the skin.

"I feel like my makeup is sitting properly," she exclaims. "It's hydrated and controlling the oil."

And yes, guys. Huda knows this whole video is weird.

"Ahhhhhh this was SUCH an awkward video and I have NO idea why I got so shy!!" Kattan writes alongside the video.

So now you know, Huda fans: next time you run out of your favourite primer, just grab that Vagisil out of the medicine cabinet. It's your next best option for that flawless base.

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