10/19/2016 11:31 EDT

Jimmy Kimmel Has A Message For Canadians After 'Tell America' Campaign

After a Canadian company launched a social media campaign aimed at telling America it's wonderful and lovely, U.S. late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to return the favour and send his own message.

The "Tell America It's Great" campaign was launched last week by a Toronto marketing company. It beckoned Canadians to bombard their southern neighbours with kind messages as they wade through a controversial, crazy and at times downright ugly election campaign.

On his show Tuesday night, Kimmel said the "Tell America" campaign's clips were the "most insulting thing I've ever seen in my life."

"I didn't realize we were in such bad shape we needed Canada to send us a cheer up video."

In return, Canadians got a message from Americans, which starts off innocently enough.

jimmy kimmel canadians

Just one of many lovely moments from Jimmy Kimmel's message to Canadians. (Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

The people in Kimmel's clip predictably thank Canada for its polite people, its delicious maple syrup and bacon, poutine, and so on.

But then the accolades evaporate. Canada is accused of trying to kill American pilot Chesley Sullenberger and the phrase "you suck moose balls" gets ingrained in your head.

Thanks, America.

Watch the lovely message in the video above.

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