10/19/2016 04:03 EDT | Updated 10/20/2016 10:52 EDT

Margaret Trudeau Analyzes Donald Trump's Mental Health

"... he's so involved in his own self that he forgets he's presidential and should be looking at issues."

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declined to speak directly about Donald Trump, his mother shared some of her observations about the U.S. presidential candidate.

Margaret Trudeau, who has struggled with bipolar disorder, alluded to Trump's mental health in an interview on Wednesday.

"There are two things that define mental illness and [people] who aren't getting the help that they need and who are unstuck in their unquiet mind. They deny that there is anything wrong and then they blame everybody else for any mistakes they’ve made. It’s not their fault," Trudeau, who is a mental health advocate, told The Huffington Post Canada.

"Well, I see this in one of the candidates, that he's so involved in his own self that he forgets he's presidential and should be looking at issues. And that's all I’m going to say and I'm not going to say one more word because I don't want to be in an enemy camp anywhere."

Trudeau made the comments backstage at the We Day youth rally in Toronto, where she was talking about mental health.

Margaret Trudeau, right, said she sees signs of mental illness in a U.S. presidential candidate.

In June, psychologist Dan P. McAdams analyzed Trump for the Atlantic magazine. "Trump’s personality is certainly extreme by any standard, and particularly rare for a presidential candidate," he wrote in the story that explored the Republican candidate's "grandiose narcissism" among other personality traits.

Conversely, several therapists and teachers in the U.S. are warning that Trump's comments are chipping away at the mental health of ethnic minorities and sexual assault survivors.

"I will say that overall there has been a significant increase in symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder among many of my patients due to Donald Trump and this election," therapist Meredith Shirey told FRANCE 24.

A psychotherapist also told the outlet that Trump's lewd remarks about women have triggered people who have experienced sexual trauma.

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