10/21/2016 01:32 EDT | Updated 10/21/2016 01:35 EDT

French Journalist Faces Public Fury After Kissing Woman's Breast On Live TV

The incident garnered more than 250 complaints in 24 hours.

Viewers of French gameshow "35 Hours of Baba" want journalist Jean-Michel Maire charged with sexual assault.

During a segment on the 35-hour long show, host Cyril Hanouna attempted to coerce a 21-year-old model named Soraya to let Marie kiss her on camera.

Despite Soraya protesting with a clear 'no,' Hanouna and Marie continue to harass her for a kiss. After saying no a second time Marie continued to lean in, kissing her right breast after she turned her face away.

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Almost immediately after the incident last week Twitter errupted with complaints calling out Marie for sexual assault, Metro news reports.

The following day the CSA, broadcasting regulators in France, confirmed via Twitter that they received more than 250 complaints regarding the episode.

Marie also took to Twitter following the episode to apologize for his actions, poking fun at the incident at the same time. "Sorry, c'est le bras du singe 😳" he wrote, which loosely translates to "sorry, monkey hands."

For her part, Soraya has also spoken out on the incident Telling Slate France she has no plans on filing a complaint against him as she does not want his money, nor does she want to ruin his career. Jezebel also reports the model defended the journalist on Facebook saying he’s a good person despite his “masculine impulses.”

If Marie is prosecuted for harassment he could face two years imprisonment and a fine of nearly $44,000 CAD.

Watch the full clip of the incident below:

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