10/21/2016 11:20 EDT

The Best Ontario Bed And Breakfasts: 15 Home-Away-From-Homes You'll Love

For some people, a bed and breakfast is the ultimate in travel. You get to go out of town and experience a new place but you also get to enjoy some of the comforts of being at home: a cozy environment, home-cooked meals, and a neighbourhood setting. If you dislike big, impersonal hotels this probably sounds downright delightful.

But not every B&B is created equal. Some of them are glorified Airbnb rentals — you get the at-home setting but none of the creature comforts or service a B&B ought to include. Others have great service but the buildings and locales aren’t really anything to write home about. Plenty of bed and breakfasts really hit the sweet spot though, with fantastic service and a beautiful setting, comfortable furniture and a cozy feeling.

Here are 15 of the best of those B&Bs in Ontario, located everywhere from its large capital city to tiny towns just waiting to be discovered. (All rates are per room, per night.)

Best B&Bs In Ontario