10/21/2016 05:11 EDT | Updated 10/21/2016 05:14 EDT

St. Paul's Hospital In Saskatoon Faces Overcrowding, Warned By Fire Marshal

SASKATOON — The fire marshal in Saskatoon has told St. Paul's Hospital to move patients and equipment out of hallways or face fines.

But Jean Morrison, the hospital's CEO, says they have more patients than they can manage.

She says that means some patients will be in the halls occasionally until they can get a bed.

Health Minister Jim Reiter says he is concerned about the overcrowding and wants to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Morrison says the hospital was built in the 1960's when there weren't as many people living in Saskatoon and there simply is not enough space now.

She says the hospital will work with the government to fix the problem.

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