10/22/2016 05:26 EDT | Updated 10/24/2016 12:05 EDT

86-Year-Old Grandma Millie Taylor-Morrison Was A Total Knock-Out In Her Wedding Dress

No filter needed.

This 86-year-old is proof that not only can you find love and remarry at any age, but you can absolutely slay while doing it.

Millie Taylor-Morrison married her long-time friend Harold Morrison earlier this month, and she did it wearing a jaw-dropping purple outfit.

The stunner was holding a bursting bouquet and wearing a purple off-the-shoulder custom-made gown, embroidered floor-length jacket and a lilac cage veil to match.

And her makeup! No words.

A family friend posted a photo on Facebook of Taylor-Morrison before the ceremony earlier this week in New Jersey, and the Internet has not caught its breath since.

The designer of the dress, Marco Hall, also shared photos of the bespoke gown on Instagram. According to Hall, the bride approached him with a sketch in-hand.

In their first meeting, Taylor-Morrison said she was going all out "because this might be my last hurrah," according to the designer.

The love story behind the glamour is its own reason to swoon.

According to People magazine, the newlyweds met 60 years before they finally said "I do."

“I used to sing in the choir and Harold attended my church," she told People.

Taylor-Morrison was married to her first husband for 41 years before he died in 1992. Morrison was actually at their wedding along with the rest of the church congregation in 1952.

Years after her husband passed, the two found themselves attending the same church once again, and the 85-year-old caught Taylor-Morrison's eye because he "dressed impeccably," People reported.

When he fell ill, Taylor-Morrison drove him to and from church every Sunday, her granddaughter Khadija Elkharbibi told the Huffington Post.

"This is a true testament that age is just a number and everyone can find love again."

“He got really sick again a year or two ago to the point where he couldn’t live alone and he moved in with her,” Elkharbibi told the Huffington Post. “After a year of him getting better, they wanted to be married. As a Christian woman, she felt strongly about being married and she wanted to be a role model for her granddaughters.”

When her granddaughter shared a photo of her Nana with the Facebook page Love What Matters, she closed saying: "This is a true testament that age is just a number and everyone can find love again."

Check out all of the photos from the regal affair with her beautiful family and its stunning matriarch!

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